Thrustmaster GPX Black Edition


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Product Description


2 speed gauges

8 built-in LEDs let you display and apply acceleration and braking more precisely
With On/Off switch

Vibration Feedback

2 high-frequency vibration motors built into the handles

Ultra-precise mini-sticks clad in genuine rubber, with textured non-slip grip

Optimized precision (2 times greater than that provided by other gamepads on the market)
2 non-slip mini-sticks clad in textured rubber, for optimal handling and comfort

Light feedback

Mini-sticks feature interactive backlighting, timed to coincide with events in your game
With On/Off switch

2 long, curved progressive triggers

Optimized ergonomics for enhanced precision and control

1 cross-shaped D-pad

Better precision in all 8 directions


1 “Xbox Guide/WINDOWS LIVE” button with 4 LEDs

1 built-in headset connector*



* Headset not included.

PC-compatible (WINDOWS 8, 7, Vista & XP